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Arthur Alma Oakman was an apostle in the RLDS Church from 1938 to 1964.
He was a popular speaker and was sought after for his preaching and teaching ministry.
The lecture series linked below was given in 1966.
These lectures provide a fascinating look into the experiences and theology of this apostle.
Oakman, Arthur Alma
March 30, 1905: Born in Ponder's End, Middlesex, England
September 5, 1915: Baptized
July 1930: Graduated Graceland College
Married Elva T. Sturges on January 1, 1937
December 26, 1975: Died Dec 26, 1975
July 29, 1928: Ordained as a priest
June 1, 1930: Ordained an elder
April 15, 1934: Ordained as a seventy
April 11, 1936: Ordained as a high priest
April 10, 1938: Ordained an apostle
April 7, 1964: Ordained a patriarch
April 15, 1972: Superannuated
The Endowment Series is a series of lectures given between October 3, 1966 and October 13, 1966
by Apostle Arthur A. Oakman to a gathering of Melchisedec priesthood at the Stone Church in Independence Missouri.

Lecture 1: Our Spiritual Universe
Lecture 2: A Spiritual View of History
Lecture 3: The Holy Spirit and the Church
Lecture 4: Gifts of the Spirit
Lecture 5: Angelic Ministry
Lecture 6: Spiritual Endowment

ADDITIONAL SERMONS (audio) Arthur A. Oakman: "The Message of the Crucifixion"